Social Media Convention A Spectactular History Making Event

Well it’s been a little over a week since The Trucking Industry made HISTORY. 178 Driver’s,Speakers and other guests gathered together in Tunica,Mississippi at the GoldStrike Casino on October 15th to say enough is enough.

It’s been said that knowledge is Power, however that isn’t necessarily true, it is what you do with that knowledge that makes it powerful. Driver’s gathered together on the above date to gain knowledge. The Men that spoke were experts in there fields and they shared there knowledge with all those present so that we as Drivers could be more informed and better protected.

The Guest Speakers James McCormack, Eddie Gichuhi, Paul Taylor, Richard Wilson and Landon Middleton. Took the audience by storm and created a firestorm of interesting questions. The open panel discussion lit a fire under many of those present and the ripple effect shows no signs of slowing down. We did not throw a pebble into a bond we threw a boulder into it! This event opened the eyes of many myself included. The information shared and things that were learned are still running through my mind as I type these words.

The Music was incredible. John DiBattista and Tony Justice brought the event to a tremendous conclusion with their performances.

Many people from major companies in the industry showed their support as well. Representatives from Pilot/Flying J, Group Health, IdleAire, Career Builders, Truckers Against Trafficking and many others were there to show there support for the event. The first ever of it’s kind.

It is so very hard to get m,ost driver’s to agree on any one thing most of the time. But on that dat in Tunica,Mississippi 178 of us agreed that it’s time we were heard. And we gathered together to listen to learn so we know not necessarily what to say but when to say it how to say it and most importantly who to say it to. It’s difficult for me to place into just a few words the impact that the convention had on me. I met some wonderful people that I hope to work with in the future for the betterment of this industry that I love so much.

Those driver’s that showed up showed that they have a passion for this industry. Allen & Donna Smith showed faith and love in the face of adversity when so many thought the event would flop or just flat out tried to keep it from happening. But in the face of those odds the event worked. I’m looking very forward to next year’s event. I hope that Allen & Donna will allow me to be a part of it again. I’d love to see this event become an every year happening that grows exponentially each and every year. This Year we had 178 well next year let’s try for 500! And on and on until we have to begin planning the next event right after the current one ends. Gonna be a full time job for Allen and His Lovely wife but with Faith and friends I know that this event will become a Fire Storm. As one oof the speakers made plain, there are over 13 million class A CDL Driver’s in this country. Well on October 15th 178 of them found a voice and we are starting to be heard. This is the Truck-Writer and I’m 10-10 on the side!

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